Wedding ceremony + reception Locations

Here is a post I’ve been meaning to do for a long while! I get questions about venues and locations so often that I thought it was time to compile them all together with some thoughts, opinions, recommendations for the space, and just what I’ve seen work and not work. I will also add in all the locations that have not been used, but could be SO wonderful!



Why I love Eaglecrest: Eaglecrest’s lodge recently went through a renovation to include a bar area! This was such a great addition for the kitchen area, which allowed for wedding guests to mingle beyond the main common area.

There are also TONS of places to have your ceremony here…like its endless. You can have your ceremony:

  1. On the deck

  2. On the bunny hill

  3. On the edge of the parking lot with the mountain in the background (this sounds weird, but check out the photo below).

  4. On the 3rd/4th (depends on which floor you consider the first) of the lodge

  5. At the very top of the mountain. The hike might not be from the un-adventurous, but I’ve also driven to the top (with permission) and maybe someday someone can convince Eaglecrest to let all their guests get rides on the chairlifts to the top of the mountian ;)

  6. There is also a lodge at the very top of the mountain. I’m unsure if you’d actually be able to reserve or use it for a venue, but anything’s possible.

Another perk to Eaglecrest is getting into the space the day before for set up. This by far has to be one of the best things you can do to make your wedding day less stressful.

Eaglecrest also has a kitchen that can be used by caterers. Depending on who your food caterer is, they may not be able to work with your chosen location.

Things to work around at Eaglecrest:

  1. Transportation. If you are expecting a lot of drinking happening, make sure your guests have rides. The local school bus company can be hired as private transportation. Find a spot for guests to park their cars and have a couple departure times.

  2. Inside the lodge can be dark. Add lots of lights. If you have a photographer or videographer, be nice and choose white Christmas lights or the patio lights you can get from Home Depot or Costco. Don’t skimp on them either. The more the better!

  3. Rent tablecloths and chair covers to spruce up the space a bit.

Other things to keep in mind:

  1. You have to be out by 12am. I’d suggest designating a clean up crew or find a way to make this easy on you.

Yacht Club

Recently the Yacht club went through a remodel, and it has been the space of choice for the 2019 wedding season. I have a love hate relationship with this location for a few reasons.

Why I love the Yacht Club:

There is lots of parking for guests, unfortunately the road when you get off the highway is full of pot holes, so take it slow.

The kitchen works for caterers.

The deck and grass area is a nice additional space for guests to mingle playing yard games or hanging out in the sun on nice days.

The yacht club is also a great space for photos during sunset, and guests often are found outside taking photos together.

You’ll get a code to get in and out of the club. There is a grill you can use on the deck, make sure you have the code for this if you are using it.

There is a designated bar space. What I love about that area is the extra room for tables. I suggest putting the deserts in there as well unless you want an audience during your cake cutting.

Things to work around at the Yacht Club:

Honestly the low ceilings and dark space is a mood killer for photographers. Fill the ceilings with lights.

Just like every other place in Juneau, rent table cloths and chair covers, this little addition will really liven up the space.

Because the ceilings are low, use taller center pieces and give the room some extra height.

Fun things I’ve seen at the Yacht Club:

You can skip having a caterer use the kitchen all together and use the outside space for food trucks. I’ve seen a couple skip the wedding cake tradition and get the Coppa Ice Cream truck to set up shop for a couple hours outside. Biggest. Hit. EVER!

Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall

This space also went over a much needed remodel a few years ago.

Why I like the EP hall:

There is parking across the street and next to the hall.

This space has a kitchen for caterers to use.

Things to work with at EP hall:

I’ve been there when cops show up from noise complaints because it can get SO hot that doors need to be opened and then the neighbors hear the party.

The space is DARK. Add as many lights as you can.

I’ve seen couples show up and linens were wrinkled, there were not enough chair covers, etc. Make sure to check in about this.

Glacier Gardens

This space is great for those who are on a budget.

Why I like Glacier Gardens:

You don’t have to worry about the weather. If its sunny out there’s light. If its pouring out, you’re in a greenhouse and it is still light.

Minimal decorating. If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money on decorations, there are flowers everywhere. However, read below about flowers if you are working with a florist.

You can do everything in this space, reception and ceremony.

You can also use this space for either your reception or your ceremony, or both.

Things to work with:

There are little lights in between the flowers hanging from the ceiling. These lights are VERY hard to work with.

If it is tourist season, Glacier Gardens won’t be open to you and your guests until 5 or 6 when they officially close to the public.

You have to be out of the space by 10pm.

If you are working with a florist, let them know you are using this space. There can be a HUGE clash with the vibe your florist is going for and what the florals at Glacier Gardens look like.

Things I’ve seen work:

I have been to a Glacier Gardens wedding at the top of Glacier Gardens that you take the golf carts up to. This is such a fun way to switch it up a bit.

Centennial Hall

Every once in a blue moon my couples will book Centennial Hall. You can use this space for both your reception, or ceremony, or both. However, I’d suggest using this for just your reception.

What I like about Centennial Hall:

This is a great space if you have a LOT of guests.

They have a industrial kitchen for caterers.

There is tons of parking and you are in close proximity to downtown if you have guests who are staying in hotels, or guests who want to go out afterwards.

Things you have to work with at Centennial Hall:

This is another DARK space, fill it with lights.

Because the space is so large, you can divide the hall into smaller spaces with dividers.

Things I’ve seen work at Centennial Hall:

One of the best weddings I have been to at Centennail Hall was a very large wedding that built a dance area in the middle of the floor and squared it off by creating four large posts in each corner and adding lights up to a middle point that all connected to the ceiling where they got their power. This brought the ceiling down since the space is so large. Tables were set up around the dance floor and a buffet line at the edge of the hall.


I am not completely sure that this space is still used for weddings.

What I love about the JAHC:

Lots of parking.

They have tables, chairs, and linens on site.

You can open up that large garage door on one end.

There is a stage so you can have a live band with some good acoustics inside.

Lots of options for molding the space into the space you are hoping for.

Things you have to work with at the JAHC:

There are some very fun and important paintings on the wall of the JAHC that are lovely but I wouldn’t consider wedding decorations. That being said you will have to work with the space. There are lots of options for hanging curtains and working with the JAHC already uses.

It’s an older space.

Things I’ve seen work at the JAHC:

A few years ago I shot a wedding at the JAHC that set all the tables up like it was actually an outdoor wedding with lights strung above the tables.


Why I like Salt:

The space is small and intimate (this can also be a downfall).

They will be cooking and have a bar for you!

Gorgeous space- this space is basically picture perfect for a wedding when you walk in the door.

You are already in downtown, so you can continue the party close by when the reception ends.

Things you have to work with at Salt:

If you are expecting lots of guests this space is not as much of an option.

Only two bathrooms.

When it comes time to opening up a dance floor, you’ll need to prepare to have guests step aside and move things around for about 10-15 minutes.

Things I’ve seen work at Salt:

Skaters Cabin

The beach at Skaters Cabin has been growing in popularity over the last couple years. I’d suggest this space just for

Why I like Skaters Cabin:

On a overcast day the beach is to die for pictures!

There is parking, and more recently even more parking then before.

The area between the shelter and the beach has some gorgeous trees where the light comes in just right for photos. It is also a great place to have a mini reception if you are not expecting a lot of guests and are a very DIY kind of person.

Things you have to work with at Skaters Cabin:

It may flood from the jökulhlaup or glacial flood that seems to strike Juneau every July(ish). This will make the beach less likely to be there, and even the possibility of rafting up to your location instead of driving, no joke.

The cabin is a very dark little shelter from the elements. This is not so much of a space to

You may end up having to kick some people just hanging out, out of the area.

What I’ve seen work at Skaters Cabin:

Use the beach for the wedding. You can have guests stand or you can use a rental service to set up chairs for you.

Places I think you should have your Ceremony or Reception

  1. The Alaska State Museum: the entrance to the Alaska State Museum is to. die. for. This is my go to spot on a rainy day because the mass amount of windows keeps this space well lit. The downfall to this space is that you can’t actual begin set up for your event until after 5pm. I’d suggest getting everything ready to go, placing it in one of the rooms off to the side and having a set up crew ready to go and open up for your reception at 6. This is also a great spot to consider having a Sunday wedding in the spring/fall after tourists leave, doing a small elopement, or using the entrance just for the ceremony (only chair setup necessary) and have a reception elsewhere.

  2. Deck of the State Office Building: You’ll be gambling with the weather, on the deck, but could potentially have your reception indoors as well. Logistically I have not looked into how this would work

  3. Rockwell

  4. Last Chance Mining Museum

  5. Orca Point Lodge

  6. Sandy Beach renovated historical building

  7. On top of the parking garage downtown (reception only)

  8. The Shrine or any church

  9. Golf Course