Hi, I’m Sydney!

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Juneau, Alaska.

Photography is a huge part of my life… but I consider myself more of a “multi-passionate” (adjective: those interested in everything and have a hard time narrowing down exactly what they want in life.) Here’s why:

I travel as often as I can, the further away, more uncomfortable and out of place I feel, the better.

I obsess over kayaking across glacial lakes and climbing rocks to raw, fresh ridges newly exposed by the glaciers.

I have 10+ different art projects, always halfway done, strewn throughout my house.

I get to snuggle and raise the most wild and exuberant 5 year old little girl, and was lucky enough to find the most patient, supportive, and thrill seeking partner who deals with all of my “projects'“.

My house IS a greenhouse. There are plants everywhere and I love them. I love gardening and plant shopping.

I’m obsessed with my ‘new’ house from 1940 that I am constantly tearing apart and updating.

Because I am unable to stick to just wedding photography, I’ve created a website that allows me to share all aspects of my creative life with my clients. I hope in some way this allows my clients to bond and get to know me on a more personal level and have a better understanding of my artistic style before hiring me!